Thursday, March 16, 2006

the cricket world cup 2007 and the schedule!



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Monday, March 06, 2006

"CRASH" and burn the academy!

Paul Haggis's 'Crash' just landed with an Oscar in Best Motion Picture Category 2006. What a shame! It seems like the academy is on a world-peace mission and working towards total empowerment of the 'poor souls' marred by n-problems of the world.

C'mon man, this movie moves you but not to an extent that one moves the golden guy itself, towards it!

The scenes of the little girl being shot (or 'not' shot) and the dying woman's helplessness to accept the help of a policeman who humiliated her, the other night...leave an impact but so does the gay men's moral & physical 'in a fix' situations in Brokeback Mountain and don't u forget munich, transamerica...

Did I say the oscar should have gone to one of the others? Naah...what I am saying is that the very nominations are misjudged. They touch a sensitive issue and try to wrap a story around it....wht was thr in CRASH, a story? r u kidding me? hundreds of stories were running in it with little or no connection (it was evident everything is being 'forced' to fit in rather than showing as if they were pieces of a single jigsaw puzzle...some would argue that 'RACISM' was the puzzle....then wait till we see a movie about people going abt their daily chores, and the connection::: they live in the same world, how very exciting!!)

Why bluff people into watching these movies, that neither are high quality documentaries nor high on entertainment value! ...and the Academy, well what can one say...what type of Alphas and the Omegas are sitting thr, I do not know, but who either think people are too foolish or they have hearts of wax that melt easily to such deliberate attempts to get mileage out of such serious issues as Racism, Homo+Trans sexuality, etc.

Rise, CRASH and burn the academy!


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