Sunday, August 05, 2007

diggTraitor - Identify Fans NOT Digging You!

Based on the Digg API, diggTraitor is windows-based desktop tool to 'Identify the unDiggly Fans'. It's a fun tool developed by me, to just explore the digg API and look at a funny side of it. Sort out fans who do not Digg your 'most vaunted' stories! It's version is 0.5. I am planning for version 1.0 to have some 'Traitor Ping' functionality to directly let them know that the user isn't happy about not digging a 'diggable' story.

Talking more about diggTraitor [sounds like 'dictator'] - I have developed it in C# on .NET framework 2.0 so, one would need .NET framework 2.0 to run this application.

Write in for comments, bugs or help. If someone needs to take a look at the source-code, feel free to drop a comment or an e-mail [my e-mail address:]

You can download diggTraitor from: [mihd link] [rapidshare link] 24.5 KB
If you are not able to download, please inform me.
Some screenshots of diggTraitor v0.5:

Happy Digging!
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Neezar said...

I have download it and i will post this software on my blog soon. Thanks...

pagfloyd said...

thanks for the attention..

Anonymous said...

Would love to download this, getting "not found" on mirrors.