Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Googlewhack approach to be a Googlewhacker!

Googlewhack, for those who have been living in a dream world and do not know what 'the one' is, is a search query consisting of only two words entered into Google's search page that results in one & only one result - and then, there are rules [Follow this to read the rules].

Googlewhacking is the pastime of finding a Googlewhack.

Googlewhacker is a person Googlewhacking.

Now, after all these definitions to get the 'no idea' reader interested, let's get to the story. Let me be right to the point.

For the uninitiated, starting from random words would take ages - and one may still not become a Googlewhacker. There are small scripts floating around the net to get to such queries, but there is hardly one with 'something to write home about' success rate!


Thanks to my friend, Prashant Gaharwar, for his help in Googlewhacking.

Happy Googlewhacking!

- Pag 'Googlewhacker' Floyd :D

P.S. The list of recent Googlewhacks is here...
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Joe said...

Hey, thanks for the comment, I hope my page made an at least semi-interesting read :)

Cool site, and good strategy.