Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Microsoft's Signifi(g)ant Mistake in Silverlight with .NET Keynote!

While viewing the videos of Silverlight with .NET here, I came across a 'Signifi(g)ant' mistake in a slide of Jamie Cool's presentation on 'Building Silverlight Applications using .NET - a spelling mistake - Signifigant! See the screenshot.

Insignificant? Yeah, in all probability but with all kinds of new tools & technology coming out lately from M$'s stable including Silverlight, Expression Studio etc. based on their much hyped WPFE, one would expect their powerpoint's spelling checker to live upto the hype of it's fellow tools ;) Or, is it that Mr. Cool wasn't much cool about the outcome of the keynote and the new tools, and hence the mistake? Well, time will tell if it was a 'Significant' mistake!

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