Monday, July 30, 2007

Vista Look on Windows XP - Vistamizer

People who do not bother about how vista works but only how it looks, but can not install it on their 'old' machine or don't want a hole burnt into their pocket - might want to look at Vistamizer (ver. 1.1.6) - it's tailor-made for guys who want to give their XP machines, the new Vista look!

Many would have used desktop replacement software, like Windows Blinds, Style XP etc. to make XP look like Vista - but nothing comes close to Vistamizer and added benefits are - it replaces the system files, so no heavy background processes have to be run while using the look; uninstallation is clean leaving the system perfectly in the state it was before installation; and it's a freeware!

All essential Vista looks are packaged, viz: startup, logon screens, sounds, taskbar, icons, applications' appearance and even, thumbnails of minimized windows while hovering over them. To view enlarged screenshots, click here...
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Matrix said...

VistaMizer will improve the looks of your Windows XP to most appealing operating system form Microsoft, Windows Vista. It will change the old icon, skins and toolbars. Practically, you will be empowered with a whole new interface for your computer and you will enjoy it.

Scott said...

this shit fucked up my computer..

i installed "vistamizer" and it slowed down my system so i did a restore..stupid ass i am didnt uninstall vistamizer first. when you do a restore in brings old files back without deleting new ones. so now my shit wont start. IF YOU DECIDE TO RESTORE YOUR SYSTEM UNINSTALL THIS FIRST!!!

scott said...

beter yet sont fuck wit it at all just download tuneup and forget this vistamizer shit