Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter and the Autograph of the Batting Wizard!

No, it's not the title of the 8th installment of the HP series - but, a meeting of Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) with the Batting Wizard of Cricket (Sachin Tendulkar).

Potter turned up at Lord's to witness England take on India in the first match of the three test-match series. The match ended in a rain-washed draw but Potter made the most of his first visit to any cricket match by getting an autograph of the Indian batting maestro and also, the englishman - Andrew Strauss. Amusing is the fact that both the cricketers didn't recognize Mr. Potter - as they were in a customary position while signing i.e. their heads down into the autograph books of their fans - an impossible position to have a look at the fans, one of whom happened to be Radcliffe himself!

Later, Strauss got an HP book signed by the On-Screen Potter for his son. Apparently, the news did finally get to the cricketer that one of the fans was not YAF (Yet Another Fan)!

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