Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why the 'leaker' of Harry's last adventure is safe - the escape route!

As claimed here, "A few lines of 'digital DNA' could allow the publishers of Harry Potter to find and finger the person apparently responsible for leaking the final adventures of the boy wizard...", may not turn out to be entirely fool-proof.

Taken, the digital DNA (EXIF data) has revealed the camera model [Canon Rebel 350] and the serial number [560151117] and may eventually point out the owner of the camera, but is he/she the person they are really looking for? Noticeable is the fact that the camera has been out for 3 years - and assuming that the 'original owner' would still be the 'owner' of the camera is a bit far-fetched and even if true, provides an escape-route for the 'leaker'.

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