Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lightwindow fails to run with Images uploaded on Blogger

Modal Window (Box) utility, Lightwindow - based on Prototype & libraries - fails to pop-up on clicking the (image or text) link if used with an image uploaded on Blogger. At least, it does not in my case. It works in case of other links (e.g. click on Lightwindow, Prototype etc. links).

To illustrate the point, here is an image uploaded on Imageshack (Click on it : works clean as a whistle!)...

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phydeaux3 said...

Actually, the problem most likely resides in the peculiar way blogger image hosting works. By default, the large linked image is in a format (I'm using yours as the example and only showing the last relevant bits of the url)


If you view that image directly, you'll find that Picasa Web Albums (which is the actual image host for blogger) makes this NOT an actual image file, but an html page, with an image embedded in it (view source). What that means is, the large image cannot be used as in in an image tag, but only viewed directly. But if you cut out the -h in the folder name
That gives an image that CAN be used in an image tag, and presumeable in your scripts as well (but cannot be viewed directly, as it will prompt for a file down load..yeah it's odd). So remove the -h from the last folder name and try it.

(there also may be referrer restrictions on images larger than 800px in size, but I haven't messed with it lately).